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201912nov7:00 pmThe Kauffman Farm of the Oley Valley7:00 pm

201930apr7:00 pmThe Stahls of Powder Valley: Story of Stahl Pottery by Jeff Rhoads7:00 pm

201827nov7:00 pmBasketry of Berks County presented by Vicky Heffner7:00 pm

201820sep7:00 pmOley Valley Community Fair 20187:00 pm

201817apr7:00 pmHISTORY AND CULTURE OF THE LENAPE7:00 pm

201714nov7:00 pmPENNSYLVANIA GERMAN REDWARE7:00 pm

201719sep7:00 pmOley Valley Community Fair 20177:00 pm

201717apr7:00 pmPOWWOWING in Pennsylvania: Healing Rituals of the Dutch Country7:00 pm

201623sep7:00 pmOley Valley Community Fair 20167:00 pm

201618apr7:00 pmOley Valley Community Fair Association, 70 Years of Progress7:00 pm

201516nov7:00 pmThe Evolution of Tractors and Agricultural Equipment7:00 pm

201525sep7:00 pmOley Valley Community Fair 20157:00 pm

201513apr7:00 pmTextiles and Textile Tools of Oley7:00 pm

201410oct7:00 pmCovered Bridges of Berks Co7:00 pm

201418sep7:00 pmOley Valley Community Fair 20147:00 pm

201407may7:00 pmPennsylvania German Fraktur From A to Z7:00 pm

201318nov7:00 pmAnnual OVHA Membership Meeting7:00 pm

201319sep7:00 pmOley Valley Community Fair 20137:00 pm

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